Still none

A ticket Roosendaal-Eindhoven and back costs €26,20. That's more than I expected. But I like the trains in Holland, and I liked the Sunday evening show at Kaffee Aloys, and I also like KFC a bunch.

So after a Hot Wings Menu I got down to the Aloys to check out bands.
First band were locals He Said No. Their soundcheck was a lousy cover of the Bronx. Fortunately they did it better during the actual set, and the other songs were alright as well. I remember a Ramones cover, Carbona Not Glue, which is a cool pick. And some others. Their own songs were alright, I kinda enjoyed them. Singer Toon should go a bit more "at it", i think. Overall nice show.

Then it was Apologies, I Have None. I've seen these guys 4 times in the past 4 months now, and I enjoyed every time more and more. I can't believe how these guys manage to be so fucking (still sitting) TIGHT! Damn! The new song was great, the regular songs were awesome, the atmosphere was... okay? I'm a big fan so I sang almong to most of the words except for the ones over silent music cause I don't think anyone should hear me singing.
Anyway, lovely show, great chaps.

Crazy Arm concluded. They had fast parts which I liked, but they also had slow parts which I didn't like. That basically sums up my experience with Crazy Arm. I mean, musically they're really good and they have great songs but the whole The Boss-admiration isn't really my thing.

Mad Jakes/Less Than Caddy... hmm, fuck this

Less Than Jake and Mad Caddies. You might have figured that out from the title.
The place to be was the MOD is Hasselt - or should I say SKAsselt? HAHA! Cause, you know, that's how ska jokes go for all I know. Ska jokes pretty much suck.

First band up was Wildheart. Very non-interesting. Female on the bass. Not even ska. Didn't care.

Mad Caddies were great though! I only know their album "Duck & Cover", and I only know that, like, barely, but I could really enjoy it. Pro-tip: if you've drank like a litre of tea beforehand and are drinking beer you'll most likely have to go to the bathroom sometime soon. So don't go stand in the front only to have to shittily annoy people by going all the way to the back. Just a hint.
Great set anyway, some classics I guess and some new songs I guess. They're an interesting band and they know how to keep a show on the edge. Nice!

I'm more of a Less Than Jake fan though. After I bolted on their performance at Readig earlier this year after 10 minutes because of extreme drunkness and tiredness, I rejoiced in this second opportunity. Just a fun show. They taunted a guy because he lost his cell phone in the pit and according to punk rules that isn't cool. That was funny but also kinda stupid. Anyway, Great set, danced a bit, sang along a bit, enjoyed myself.
That's how I roll.

Some after-show beers and a safe trip home thanks to de Jare. Or should I say Skare? HAH!


Go to bed, Charlie, you're drunk.

Last Thursday I had another date (another?!) with the  punk rock. The show took place at Rockcafé, Leuven. Geez.

I arrived in the middle of The Ignored's set. Cool! Fast! Funny! Nice! Punk! Awesome!

Bedtime For Charlie was yet again amazing. They're an awesome band, one of the few skatepunk bands I can really really appreciate. Great set, new songs sounded ace, old song sounded equally good actually, I had a lot of fun and bought the new record cause that's what true punx do.


I fucking love this band.

They are the best band ever.

No, silly, I'm not talking about the Ramones. I'm talking about the Dutch Rudders.
"Dutch rudders?" you say, "isn't that a sex thing?"
"Yes" I say, "that's a sex thing. But they're also a band. A punk rock band from Zele. They are the best band ever. Period."

So that's what I say. Now here's what I have to say about their new EP, called Black Holes. They released it this weekend, but I had to work all weekend because I'm an idiot so I missed is. The line-up was super cool but I missed it. Bummer, right? I fucking missed it.
But at least they put the songs online so I can listen to them and review them cause I'm a professional music review dude.


1. Caroline
3. Falling Apart
4. Going Down
5. Sick
6. LJD

The last thing the Dutch Rudders put out was an EP called Shame Is For The Weak. That was great. It had pop punk music on it and they were a three-piece back then.
But now everything has changed. Actually, only some things have changed. They have gained a guitarist/singer called Jelle, and his influence on Black Holes is noticeable. First of all, the harmonies are plenty! With three vocalists now, the choruses are stronger, the verses are more diverse and the entire thing is vocally more interesting, also due to the different styles the singer can take on. It's a thin line between throaty and raspy, and in between there's gruffy and hoarse and other adjectives that mean the voice is kinda husky (oh snap). And then there's yelling as well. The potential that The Dutch Rudders had already has been strengthened by adding a second guitar which makes the whole sound more melodically driven and pretty much just better. More coherent, perhaps? Better at their instruments, definitely. I mean, no question. Seriously.
So let's get down to the sounds. After the sample of someone saying "I fucking love this band etc." the Rudders start rowing their paddles. I mean playing their instruments. The first song is called Caroline. That's a girl's name. They sing about drinking. I think most songs they write are about drinking. And love and stuff. I think I've heard this song live before. And it stuck with me, so that's a good score on the catchy-o-meter. The Dutch Rudders don't cease to impress me with fun songs aboutsad subjects. I mean, the guitar melody during the chorus couldn't contrast more with the lyrical content. I'm not okay, I'm not okay. Yeah, man, totally! I, too, am not okay. Sometimes. Perfectly danceable and singalongable. Great start to the EP.
Comparing this to the demo, I think they've gone for a deeper, slightly darker and more edgy sound. I'm thinking Dopamines, Chinese Telephones maybe, Red City Radio. I don't know, man, it's all just punk rock in the end, and the Rudders have managed to do something really good with this punk rock.
COVALENTBOND is playing in the meantime, and I hear more escapist punkrock poetry about everyday life. Great song, no real standout but it's a fast one! Also, an all caps song title, who do they think they are? Dillinger Four? Please...

Falling Apart is kinda the hit song I think. It's been in and out of my head ever since I first heard it live and it's just ridiculously cool. The intro immediately grabs you by the throat and throws you around to start dancing, moshing, stagediving and then the verse start and he sings "Getting drunk is so cliché but it's the only thing that works for me" and I feel like that's the truest thing anyone has sung in 2012. Innit? Yea. But, wait! There's more. The chorus fucking blasts at you and you can't help to sing along to it. Like, physically. Your vocal cords automatically start singing the song. Same thing with the ending. You can't help it. So, pro-tip: don't listen to this on a busy train or something cause you might make a fool out of yourself singing along to tunes no one in the real world has heard of. The riffs and drum parts in Falling Apart are pretty awesome. I can't really describe it - wait, isn't that my job as a reviewer? - but it's just a really good song. Trust me, I'm not an engineer.
Going Down, eh? This song seemingly provided the EP with it's title, Black Holes. Seemingly, Black Holes refers to blackouts from being drunk. Seemingly, the guys in the Dutch Rudders like to drink alcohol. Well, I can't blame 'em. They have problems, so they need to cure 'em. I, too, drink alcohol. See? I have a lot in common with this EP! I bet we'd get along fine! I like the fact that they sing about going out/going down cause it's supposed to be like really fun but they make it seem like it can never go right and always ends up in disaster... which is also true I guess. Anyway, I love the little solo/melody licks in the second verse (is that a verse?). Yet again, Jelle's voice is a magnificent fit for this and it actually all sounds pretty convincing.
Track 5 is called Sick. That's a pretty generic title, so it could be anything. But apparently, they're sick of "the pain" and "the hurt". Man, I feel like I'm listening to a drunk emo record. The song kicks ass though, another really fast one, the drums come through really good and the bass part makes for a great transition into the finale. The ending is pretty phenomenally composed for a punk rock song. Well done!
The EP ends with LJD, which allegedly stands for Life Just Disappoints. Geez, these guys don't seem to catch a break, do they? I'd hurry up and buy their album already, just to make them feel a bit better! This tune is probably my second favourite on the EP. The drum track is yet again very steady yet edgy. (Oh shit, I've used the word edgy twice.) LJD finishes the EP in a grand way and the way the solo builds itself to finally conclude in a guitar-esque bass riff with the words "I'm just waiting for another day to die. Life just disappoints again." going on and on is fantastic.

Oh man, I just realized I've been really positive about this.
Seriously, guys, the Dutch Rudders haven proven they are part of this "punk rock" music everyone is talking about and they did a freaking good job with Black Holes. Please buy this from them, or listen on bandcamp and give them money or blowjobs if you're a girl or buy a shirt or I don't know just support them they deserve it I guess.

Oh, and there's a bonus track called Breezerslut, which starts with an Austin powers sample and is basically just Ward screaming over this wild-ass tune for a short minute. It's the best song that's not on the album.


Sunday Funny Sunday

Attending 2 shows in one day. That's how I roll, motherfucker.
That's right, I just called you motherfucker. Cause that's how I roll. Man.

First I went to check out rdr-fest, cause I thought that was the right thing to do. I saw 2nd perform, Belgian poppy punk rock dudes. Not bad, singalong type of stuff, they are really fun to watch and were really motivated despite the early hour and opening slot. Good start!

The second band (... weird, I just saw the 2nd band) was Drunk Machine. Apparently they weren't originally supposed to play but I was happy they did. Wacked out Israeliens (aren't they all?) who played a sort of experimental punk rock and/or roll. Like if At The Drive-In took a chill pill. I mean, Drunk Machine was still really energetic and stuff, but I guess primarily the bass playing had a real tempering flow.
Man, this is really difficult to decribe. I don't know, I loved the shows, these guys are awesome, I have no idea what to compare them too other than Thurston Moore smoking a joint while riding a unicorn through the depths of the earth. Something like that.

After that i had to go, cause I wanted to go to Aarschot, where a hardcore show was being held. Despite my train being cancelled and having to sit on the bus for 1u15m instead of 20 minutes on the train and arriving barely a minute before my other connection, I made it in time at the Klinker to see Outline.

Outline is a hardcore band. Oh, you knew that? Okay, let's say Outline is a good hardcore band. They remind me a lot of those 2000-era bands like Carry On or The Suicide File. I could be way off. Anyway, they're great, pretty pissed off and a fresh breath in Belgian hardcore, which is always nice.
Fun fact: I had the bass line of Off The Map stuck in my head for a few days a few weeks back and couldn't figure out where it came from. Now I finally know!

Next up: Ashes. I already had a few beers in my closet (dutchism) so I didn't really care anymore, ergo I danced quite a bit. It was a lot of fun. I even stagedived, which is a rare case for me. All in good fun though, i hope I didn't bother people. If I did, well, sorry. This band is super tight though. Heavy but pretty damn exciting. The vocalist has such a brutal voice, it's pretty awesome. Great riffage, drumage and bassage too, young guys but full of commitment. These are people who keep a scene like this one going. Super stoked for hardcore, setting up shows, promoting other bands, playing their hearts out. Nice to see that. I like that. You should too.

The headliner was Have It All. I kinda have no idea of their music expect for "hardcore" but I know it was a fun show. I did my signature move "lift the musicians in my neck and try extremely hard not to fall down" and also other wack dances. Lotsa fun! Great band! They're from Italy!

After the show I ended up being pushed in front of the microphone to do a MC Karel song, so I busted out Introducing MC Karel and the bass player/drummer from Have It All started doing a beat and it was really fun and primarily funny.
MC Karel don't give a shit.

So yeah, great way to spend a Sunday, that's for sure.



New zine is ready and roaring to get to you!

Interviews with:
- Tom Stray of Team Stray/Army Coach fame
- Forest Pooky
- Midnight Souls
- The Snips

- pizza reviews
- "how to dance"
- things

Only 50 cents for a 20-page A5 format zine.
It would be greatly appreciated if you bought it, or stole it, or read it or whatever.


05/11/2012: no idea what's playing but I've been told to go (Rockcafé, Leuven)
08/11/2012: Bedtime For Charlie (Rockcafé, Leuven)
12/11/2012: Unfun (Fortyweight space, Brussel)
18/11/2012: Apologies, I Have None/Crazy Arm (Kaffee Aloys, Eindhoven)
09/12/2012: The Hives/The Bronx (AB, Brussel)
14+15/12/2012: Monster Zero Mash (PMK, Innsbruck)


The Welly's

So, the beloved Wellingtons from Australia are on tour again, and they played a couple shows in Belgium last weekend. I was super sad cause I couldn't go on Friday or Saturday, but luckily they had a last-minute show in Herenthout on Sunday, so I was happy. I like being happy way more than being sad.
I met those guys and gals in Italy last year and they're really nice and I like them and I like their music a lot so yay!

First band, though, was Coma Commander, playing their third show apparently. Didn't sound like it. It was tight, great and cool punk rock music! Whoa!

Then the Wellingtons. One of my favourite bands, not really punk rock but really good and fun and nice and likeable. They played really good songs with kinda bad sound but they did their absolute best to give it their absolute best. The new songs sound really cool, like Devil In A Cardigan is a really cool song. Zac also dedicated Come Undone to me, which was a cool thing to do. I'm glad I've discovered their music and met them. They were really cool people last year and they still are really cool people, cool right? I know! Their drummer moved to Sweden so he isn't in the band anymore which was a shame cause he wa pretty rad. But the new drummer was also rad! They played a Ramones cover called I Wanna Be Sedated! That's a good song. I mean, the Ramones did it better, but come on, the Ramones did almost everything better! So that's tough! Nonetheless the Wellingtons played a fun show, which is great because I like fun shows! Great set, great vibe, good songs, some beers, nice Sunday surprise!
I also bought a 10" EP and I semi-jokingly asked them to sign it and they did it and now I have a super special version of their EP Hey Hey, which you should buy, by the way.

I hope you've also seen 'em and if not you should definitely go next time cause, you know, that's a fun thing to do. And there was this guy whose name I don't know/remember who also thought it was good and this girl who also thought so I think. So that's saying something right!

This has been a fun show review. Kinda stream of consciousnesslike, which results in using the same words but I think it's a fun way to describe a show cause I get sick of using fancy words sometimes.